Hi there. I'm Sofi

I'm what happens when Australian wine takes an Italian lover

Sofi Spritz is an all-Australian wine cocktail inspired by the Italian-style of aperitivo, balanced with sparkling water, citrus & herbal extracts.
Best enjoyed over ice with good friends as the sun goes down.

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I'm a modern

With a Mediterranean heritage.

Local Flavour.

Sofi makes the most of premium quality Australian wine and locally sourced ingredients.

After initial taste testing at the Bondi Farmers markets in Sydney, she was crowdfunded and crowdsourced all the way to primetime with an appearance on Shark Tank Australia.

International Taste.

Having travelled the world, inspiration was found in Italy's love for the Aperitivo.

Made to classic recipes with all-natural ingredients and a higher content of sparkling water makes for a bitter-sweet taste and a crisp finish. Sofi brings a little classic Italian style to Australia’s relaxed outdoor lifestyle.

Italian Range

French Range

Blood Orange & Bitters

This locally born twist on the classic Veneto Spritz, the most popular cocktail in Italy, has been crafted by fifth generation winemakers with South Australian Riesling, blood orange, bitters and a dash of sparkling water.

Lemon & Elderflower

The Hugo Spritz, originally from the Italian Alps, was the inspiration for this delicious new Sofi Spritz. Our version is crafted with South Australian Riesling, lemon, elderflower and a dash of sparkling water.

White Peach & Ginger

White Peach and Ginger is an all-Australian and all-natural take on the classic Italian cocktail, The Bellini. Blending white peach and locally sourced ginger over a base of white wine with a dash of soda water. 

Wild Strawberry & Fingerlime

A modern Australian twist on a classic French cocktail, the Kir Fraise. Crafted with Australian white wine, wild strawberries, fingerlime and sparkling water. 

Pink Grapefruit & Lavender

This lightly fragrant and subtly sweet cocktail was inspired by the Kir Pamplemousse and crafted with Australian white wine, pink grapefruit, lavender and sparkling.

Wild Berries & Pomegranate

The Kir Royale inspired this sweet and refreshing cocktail. Crafted with Australian white wine, blackcurrant, berries, pomegranate and sparkling water. Best enjoyed over ice with fresh berries.


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